Hi! I'm Carter Ringo: Multimedia Specialist, Podcast Producer, Content Creator, Web Master, Jack of All Trades, and lover of all things art and design.My favorite projects to date include the outcomes of my NASA Archival 3D modeling internship, and the Your Health Unlocked podcast.


Hi! I'm Carter Ringo, Baltimore-D.C. based artist and advocate with a passion for learning, and a dedication to accessibility. I have years of multimedia experience, and an unrelenting desire to adapt to any project, task, or space.I earned a BFA in Interactive, Game, and Sound Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where I founded a disability identity and accessibility advocacy network for students on campus. I interned at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for two years as an archival 3D technical artist.I currently serve as the Multimedia Communications Lead at the National Women's Health Network. During my tenure, I lead the complete website redesign and web host transition of the Network's webpage, and produced the Your Health Unlocked Podcast.Otherwise, I have a passion for experimental animation and interactive media, and am an avid player of tabletop and storytelling games.Think I'm a good fit for your team or project, want to learn more about my work, or just want to connect? Use the buttons above to contact me through email, view my resume, or connect on LinkedIn.

Graphic Design

Collage Style

I have experience in working graphics for print, promotion, advertisement, and social media. While I can match style where necessary, my own style is centered around collage and visual accessibility.The two images below were designed as advertisements for the NWHN. Both were high performing with a reach of 5,000+ and a cost per lead of around 1$ within the first week of launch, a low number for the space we were marketing to.

All of these images are owned by the National Women's Health Network, and were created during my employment as their Multimedia Communications Lead

Vector Illustration

Another style I work with is vectored illustration. The goal with these is to represent an idea with a more corporate and print friendly style. Click to view the full versions of these images.

Responsive Social Media Graphics

The images below were created for event-specific social media posts. They feature a portrait I created, and the first panel of an infographic slider.

Long Form Documents

These PDFs were designed for information purposes. Showcases the change in branding from one year to the next.

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3D Projects

NASA 3D Internship

I was honored to complete two years as a 3D archival design intern at the NASA Goddard space flight center working to create accurate 3D models of spacecraft with no accurate or updated images for the National Space Science Data Coordinated Archive (NSSDCA). I worked on the soviet Mars-1 craft for my first year, and then the Surveyor landers the next. View each slideshow to see the process behind these projects.

Digital 3D

I began experimenting in digital 3D as a college freshman interested in 3D printing. This lead to my NASA internship, a new passion, and 3D designs for a physical production of "MANEATER", an original play by Madison Kartoz. Click on the images to view the full versions.

Mixed Media 3D

As the child of a ceramic artist, I was introduced to 3D as a media quite literally as a baby. Working in 3D sculpture, painting, set making, and more is an absolute passion of mine. The work I do in physical spaces informs the work I do in digital ones.

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Audio & Video


I currently produce the Your Health Unlocked Podcast. A non-profit series by the National Women's Health Network dedicated to telling real health stories and providing accurate and unbiased information regarding health, wellness, and the legal structure around bodies. My work includes audio editing, social media content creation for podcast promotion, website blog publishing, and directing outsourced help. Below are some of my favorite episodes.


These videos were produced under my direction for the NWHN's 2023 End of Year donation campaign, with animation boil work from Jasper Jimenez.


I have designed score and sound primarily for animation projects, but enjoy the process of composing and producing the audio of others. Listen below for a few of my favorites.

Till We Part was composed by Claude Mouton for his animated thesis, and produced by Ringo. It features both of their voices.
The Lucid Signal Film Score includes additional sound design by Jasper Jimenez, and was composited by Declan McKenna
The Call of the Ocean was a drafted sound experience, originally for the purpose of surround, immersive and interactive sound. They ended up liking it as is.
The Fifth Dungeon was created for an unreleased prototype dungeon crawler.

View the LUCID Signal Film:

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Experimental Art

From robotics to experimental theater, I have always enjoyed breaking the boundaries of tradition in my own artistic practices.

Shirley the Empathy Bot

Shirley was the product of my BFA senior thesis at MICA. The idea of personifying inanimate objects lead to her voice activated- javascript controlled projection onto a physical sculpture.


MANEATER (2022) Written by Madison Kartoz . was a live theater production I had the pleasure of sound/set/light designing with a completely projected set. Below are the 3D designs of the stage setup, the most complicated environment, and a 10 minute compiled audio snippet from the live performances.

The Worm

This worm was the first project to come out of my reactive robot interests. This worm is programmed with Python using a Adafruit Circuit Playground Express as the touch and light control.

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Traditional Art

Art for arts sake, click on the pictures below to view the full image:

Digital Art:

Mixed Media:

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